Generator Controller GTR101 Stamford avr,Leroy somer avr,avr,Deep SEA controller supplier in china
  • Caterpillar AVR VR6
  • Mecc Alte AVR SR7
  • Stamford AVR
  • Load Sharing module LSM672
  • Name:Generator Controller GTR101
  • Model No.:GTR101
  • Tags:Generator Controller GTR101
  • Detailed Datasheet

    Engine protection (O.S./L.O.P/H.W.T./O.C./EMS./L.Batt._

    Display Para(Hour/Batt.v./Freq.)

    Six keypads to operate system procedure

    Parameters programmable from front panel

    Pluggable Euro type terminal for quick installation and replacement

    Back lit in two colors to distinct system status easily

    Dimension: W72*H72*D58 mm

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