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  • Name:Deep SEA Generator Controller DSE5120
  • Model No.:DSE5120
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  • 1) Brief:
       The Model 5120 is an Automatic Mains Failure Module which has been designed to allow  the OEM to meet demand for increased capability within the generator industry.
       The module has been primarily designed to monitor the incoming mains supply.Should the mains supply fall below a configurable limit, the generator will be automatically started and the load transferred. When the AC mains supply returns to within limits, the module will then transfer back to the mains.The module indicates the operational status of the generator and monitors the engine parameters. Should a fault condition occur, the module will shut down the engine indicating any faults by means of a graphical LCD display and a flashing LED on the front panel. Selected operational timers and alarms can be adjusted by the customer.


    Micro-processor based design.Integral mains failure monitoring and load switching control.
    Automatic engine starting and stopping.
    Automatic shutdown on fault condition.
    Custom graphical icon display.
    Provides engine and generator instrumentation.
    Provides engine alarms and status information.
    Comprehensive list of timers and pre-configured sequences.
    Front panel and PC configurable inputs, outputs,alarms and timers.
    LED and LCD alarm indication.
    Compatible with 5200 series modules for easy upgrade path.

    3) Weight:1KG

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